I love veggies…..not to the exclusion of anything else however, but they are a wonderful compliment to any meal. No roast beef would be complete without potatoes, seafood needs rice and a hot veg (otherwise, why eat it?) and a salad bar would be pretty barren without them.

That said, not every vegetable is necessarily palatable. (by contrast, salami is easy to eat, serve, and digest, how can you lose?…….ah, but I digress) Some veggies are pungent, like cabbage and brussel sprouts, so best not to cook those the day you’re preparing for an open house (which I sadly did, much to the dismay of my realtor….on the other hand, we did end up selling the house…..bet the purchasers were vegetarians.)

Squash is a popular staple in most trendy diets now and there’s certainly a wide variety but they all seem to taste the same, with the exception of eggplant (Ghastly stuff…I will never understand eggplant!) Soft and mushy, I’m not sure they’re worth the work, although at least they’re reasonably easy. Poke them full of holes, toss them into an oven and forget about them for a couple of hours. Once they’re done, just scoop out the insides, add butter, salt, and chow down! (personally, I’d just pitch them in the composter)

Some veg, while tasty, require too much work. Carrots, for example need all that peeling. It’s messy and tedious, and at the end of the day they’re hard to chew and equally hard to digest. Potatoes require the same work and if it weren’t for the invention of the French fry, they’d probably still be fermenting underground. (wait, isn’t that how to make vodka?) So vodka is a veggie? For that matter wine comes from grapes, and grapes are a fruit, and we can’t discount the importance of fruits in a healthy eating plan.

Ok, now we’re talking….and just in time!

I’m on a mission to lose fifteen pounds, and as I see it veggies are the way to go! Every diet is comprised of at least 80% vegetables. They’re low in fat, easy to burn, and you can eat a ton, so you don’t need to ‘buy’ into a diet to get the weight loss, right….or do you? Limit the sugars and starches and stock up on the veggies….how hard can it be?

I went out and bought a cart load of vegetables determined to turn my blub into a thing of beauty. (FYI, eating fresh veggies is really expensive…I had to seriously cut back on my liquor allowance to accommodate this) For the next week I ate a healthy vegetarian diet and it was easier than I thought. Broccoli casserole (smothered in a cheese and mayonnaise sauce), corn on the cob (with butter and salt), baked potato (in a sea of sour cream), brussel sprouts (sautéed with bacon and onions)…it was a vegetarian heaven! (I’m starting to understand this whole vegetarian thing – this is ok!) After my first week I stepped on the scale only to discover I was up 3 pounds – how’d that happen? I gave up chocolate, red meat, fried food, wine,,,in short I gave up everything God intended for me but I still gained weight,,,, all on a vegetarian diet!  (I knew I should’ve just gone with the vodka)

Discouraged, I resorted to following a traditional diet; portion control, (ok, so eight brussel sprouts and a half pound of bacon was wrong?), recipes with specific ingredients (that sadly lack all the flavor enhancers like butter, mayo….) and by day three I was back on the vodka (potaaato, potawto, it’s still a veg!)

At the end of the day (and three years later and still fighting that fifteen pounds) I’ve learned that no diet comes without sacrifice, and that sacrifice…is taste, and I’m not sure I’m willing to forgo that no matter how tight my clothes are. So this week, when I did my shopping, I reinstated my old grocery list. Meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and vegetables, all in equal proportion, and with the money I saved I bought wine and vodka,,,,,,, because my conscience told me I still needed my fruits and vegetables.

Veggie diet

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