Why write a blog?

Young (at heart) and with a determination to laugh out loud as frequently as possible, I get a charge out of making light of the simple things in life and if you really think about it, life offers much to laugh about. (amidst all the crap) I admire those with a positive attitude and an ability to always see the glass as half full because that isn’t always easy. Live well, laugh often, and be kind to family, friends and colleagues, because karma matters – you don’t know how much until you test it. Emily

I have something to say!

The making of a blog

“The making of a blog” is easy – can be done in 16 minutes, right? (according to the website) Wrong. If you’re 40-something (and then some) and prone to be technically challenged, 16 minutes equates to 4 hours and 43 minutes, and after enlisting the aid of my “techy” friend and countless reference books whose pages are now dog eared and tear stained (ok, some are wine stains) we’re up and running! And why did I go through this exercise? Simple. We all need a laugh.

When I ride the bus to work, when I stand in line at the grocery store, when I walk down the street, I see a lot of stressed faces, anxious people. Society as a whole doesn’t look very happy and if you listen, really listen to the sounds in public places, rarely will you hear laughter.  I mean laughter, right from the belly, guffaws.

I don’t claim to be a comedian, I am not overly intelligent, but I do get wit, and I do try to see the lighter side of most situations, and it seems to be the simpler things in life that provide the best opportunities for laughter.

I love good food (who doesn’t?), good wine (statistics prove regular consumption of red wine is beneficial to something and I’m nothing if not health conscious) good laughs (just because they feel good), and life offers us much of all 3; we just need to take the time to appreciate it so I hope my efforts to bring levity to your day make you laugh out loud (maybe even pee a little) and if I could equate my thoughts to any one food it would be eggs because I think they have “personality”. Think about it; our lives can often be scrambled, our mood hard-boiled, exotic even (eggs Florentine) traitorous (eggs Benedict – but only if your name is Arnold); I bet there are even days when we are impenetrable, like the durable shell of an egg. My favourite state of mind is ‘upbeat, colourful and fun’ and my favourite eggs are sunnyside up, hence the name of this blog. I hope I touch on topics relevant to you, but most importantly I hope you laugh out loud – because it just feels good!