Inspiration is that impromptu burst of creativity that motivates us to do or be something, and that which inspires each of us is as unique as the individual. I’m an observer. I like to people watch because I often pick up on things others don’t always see. So many of us spend our time scanning the crowd for a quick summary and in doing so miss some valuable messages and insights. In fact, the people who inspire me the most are the ones who don’t even know it.

I am drawn to those who exude confidence because they are either very comfortable with who and where they are, for legitimate reasons, or they’re so cocky from imagined self-importance. Either way they present an inspirational learning opportunity; one for insights as to how they became so admirable and confident, and the latter is just good entertainment.

I am also deeply sensitive to insecurity, vulnerability, and pain, maybe because as a child growing up I was often lonely. We moved, a lot, and this meant I was the new kid at school every year. Not an easy role for a kid who wasn’t terribly outgoing, so I sought out those who weren’t popular, the underdogs, because I knew they wouldn’t turn away a new friendship. At least that’s what I counted on and for the most part it worked, for all involved.

What I did learn from these friendships was that we all have something to hide, something we are self-conscious about, and I got pretty good at reading people for these deeper sensitivities. As I aged I put this ‘instinct’, (for lack of a better word), to work. Instead of simply recognizing a need, I tried to address it in a meaningful way and offer help. Sometimes it meant just being the sounding board; the one they can confide in without judgement. Sometimes I was able to connect them with an avenue of help they may not have found on their own. And sometimes it was simply a matter of helping them to see the good in themselves. Lord knows, we all need a boost every now and then.

Seeing that I could read an individual, sense a need, and provide some form of relief or assistance proved to be a mission for me. Maybe it’s my purpose in life. All I know is there’s a whole population of inspiration in this world just waiting to be tapped and each successful hit is like watching a flower bloom in slow motion. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Some are inspired to write poetry. Some play music or perform. Others are driven to positions of power, for various reasons. And some are content to be the ‘forgettable’ in society, lowly in rank and wealth, because that’s not what inspires them. We all serve a purpose, we all have a need. Maybe we all just need to tap in to our ‘observer’ to see what inspires us to take action. Find what moves you, that which motivates you. Whatever inspires you to do something positive for another may well be your purpose in life. At the very least it can only improve that small section of the world you occupy, and that’s never a bad thing.


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