I walk every day, weather permitting, and I love it. It’s my therapy. I clear my brain, relieve my stress, pound out my frustration, and reach (some times desperately) for peace. Whatever the purpose when I set out, I always feel better when I get home.

Now one thing I’ve noticed over the last 21 years of walking through my neighbourhood, is the banana peel. Every day I walk the same route (ok, I’m a creature of habit) and invariably I see a banana peel. Sometimes fresh, sometimes not, more often than not several peels in various stages of decomposition, spaced apart (???) but there it is, every day. And I’ve come to surmise that it’s the same individual who walks this route each day to work, a car pool, the bus stop, something, eating a banana….and tossing the peel.

Today was the first time I came upon a relatively fresh one…….so he/she was only recently ahead of me. I envision a labourer of some kind, heading to the bus stop, lunchbox and thermos in one hand, banana (breakfast?) in the other. Whoever it is, they’re up early, and have a reasonably good diet (they’re eating a banana instead of a Tim’s donut) but I wonder about their life, their thoughts, as they walk along in the early morning hours munching on a banana.

Are they evaluating their purpose in this world? Are they lamenting their lot in life?  Are they pondering lifes’ mysteries?  Or are they simply wandering along thinking about the work day ahead? And of all the fruits, why a banana? Why not an orange? (maybe they have a potassium deficiency) Course a banana is easy to peel, hence my conclusion that this is a male (whatever is easy…..)

It’s become something of a project to me to find this ‘banana guy’. I just need to see who he is, what he looks like, how he conducts himself as he strides along, munching on his daily banana. And if I find him, I’d like to ask, why a banana? Where’s he going? What’s he thinking as he walks along?

Most importantly, I’d like to ask him why he can’t just hold on the damn banana peel until he gets to a garbage can? 

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