At what point do we stop and ask ourselves just how far we are willing to go to get….well, everything we want, and when we do, if we do, is it enough? Or do we raise the bar, again?

We put a man on the moon in 1969, a lofty goal and tremenmdous achievement, so one would think we would’ve satisfied our need to explore space, but no. It doesn’t stop there. Now let’s go to Mars. Why, just because you can? It’s inhabitable so we will never be able to live there, although there is talk of man ‘relocating’ to other planets. (Maybe if we stopped abusing nature and destroying the planet we’re on we wouldn’t have to look elsewhere for survival).

I have, on more than one occasion, been the patient to a medical professional who expressed more interest in my ability to pay than in helping me heal. We’ve all been there; herded like cattle from room to cubicle until eventually the ‘doctor’ breezes in, takes one look, pronounces you ‘doing good’, bills your medical plan, then moves on to the next victim. The goal is to cram as many patients into a day and maximize on billable opportunities. Guess it wasn’t enough to just have a practice that helps heal people.(When did profit take priority?)

Online technology is a wonder of science. It has automated everything, giving us immediate access to anything and everything, fast and convenient. Isn’t that enough? Enjoy the perks of obtaining information at your finger tips, but no. We need to go further. Let’s automate everything, even the most basic tasks, and when we do it is without any thought as to how we replace those jobs. That’s because the ‘creators’ of the newly automated process stands to make money today, now….and the impact of how this could negatively affect society is not his problem. Nor does he care. Grab the profilt and run.

I worry about a society that is so driven by the need to constantly outdo themselves for greed and glory. (Does anybody really like over-achievers?) Can’t we be satisfied with the knowledge that we are capable of these great feats of technology but focus our energies on things that benefit humanity, now? Before you send a man to Pluto how about you solve world hunger, poverty and racism? Isn’t that worthy of investment and research dollars?

And if you truly bought in to your hypocratic oath as a medical professional, how about actually focussing your practice on the healing of others instead of the ‘building’ of your business? Isn’t the ‘healing’ enough?

And just because we can automate everything doesn’t mean we have to. Our addiction to technology has already turned many into computer geeks, introverts and social misfits. I defy you to find a teenager today who can carry on a verbal face to face conversation.Guess opening your mouth and just talking wasn’t enough.

When will we feel we have enough, have done enough, and can just be happy with life?

Maybe never.

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