I love to entertain and do so frequently. Welcoming friends and family into my home and laying out a spread gives me a total rush, and over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Now it doesn’t come without effort or expense, but it’s where my husband and I choose to spend our ‘entertainment’ dollars. We really don’t go out to dinner much, nor do we frequent any pubs or bars, preferring instead to stay in with friends so we are very selective about those with whom we like to spend our time, effort, and money.

We have one set of friends who stand out above the rest because they are the BEST guests. They eat everything I serve, never complain, have yet to advise of any food allergies or preferences and rarely leave me with left overs. Now THAT’s what I call good house guests!

I love to experiment with new recipes and often refer to them as my ‘guinea pigs’, and I keep waiting for criticism, an expression of likes or dislikes, but nothing comes. They eat everything with relish, shower me with accolades and welcome all invitations. We should all have such gracious houseguests.

I suppose much of their behaviour is a matter of courtesy and manners. I was raised to eat what was served without questioning or criticizing (now this advice also came with the threat that if I complained there’d be NO food) and never ever was I to say I disliked any particular food, which meant choke it down no matter what (hence my violent hatred of liver…vile, foul stuff….I’d rather chew my shoe)

I’ve come to realize too, that part of being a good houseguest is showing appreciation. People (like me)  take time and energy to plan a menu, set a table, create an atmosphere, and seeing my guests enjoy my efforts with appreciation is the ultimate reward.

Fortunately I’ve never been made to feel undervalued by a guest….(guess I know how to pick my friends) and I hope I never do, so until such time, I will continue to open my heart and my home to good friends. And should the day dawn that I inadvertently host an ungrateful guest…..mmmmmm, I was going to say it’d be the only time, but no. I’d invite them back just once more…..for boiled sneaker, or worse….liver.

2 thoughts on “The Best Guest

  1. OMG. We are for sure sisters! You sound like me…I know all my friends likes and dislikes …one doesn’t eat mushrooms so they go in side dish for Caesar salad….another’s husband doesn’t eat green stuff or squash so no broccoli etc for him but I cook it for her and me along with asparagus. I know who likes red wine and who likes white and on and on. I had one person say something once ….I was so insulted, embarrassed and hurt. I don’t serve a spaghetti dinner like a tin of sauce over pasta. I had several couples in for my comfort food dinner which entailed a lot of work plus there were salads, rolls , appetizer, dessert etc. He was an old school friend and he walked in and said….You invited me for a friggin spaghetti dinner …?


  2. I’ve found that with the right guests the house looks bigger and airier, the food tastes better and I feel confident and contented.


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