Despite a global pandemic we are all managing to find a way to celebrate the holidays. Shoppers are shopping, bakers are baking, and all are mustering up some cheer. We are a hearty bunch and it’s uplifting to witness such optimism.

For me it’s all about the warmth of the season. I love the music and commit myself to watching at least 1 holiday show per day. (ok, I love the hokey stuff) Yesterday was one of those ‘Hallmark’ holiday movies, the kind that play out like a Harlequin romance. Sad girl gets the hunk for Christmas and lives happily ever after, observing that it’s the magic of Christmas that brought her this stud. Now I should point out she too is a looker, young, firm, unwrinkled….hard to believe she’s alone, but there you go. How lucky is she that Mr Hunky Perfect was single and looking for her?  Do you suppose she’d still be happy if he was short, stocky, balding, and sported a speech impediment? (Is anybody ever happy to see a chubby bald guy under the tree,,,, that isn’t in a red suit of course) I guess the idea of the perfect gift is unique to each of us.

I’m at the point in my life when I don’t want ‘stuff’ anymore. In fact, I’ve spent the better part of the past year purging stuff, and fortunately for me (maybe for all?) this pandemic has seriously affected our ability to buy more, yay! You want to impress this Christmas? Make me a home cooked meal…all by yourself. Buy me a good book if you must buy something. Mostly, plan to spend time with me; just to talk, and laugh, and look through old photos or reminisce. Let’s get together for a walk or plan a games night. Let’s do everything we can to enjoy each other’s company because we can….who knew that would be a novelty? (That said, I would not refuse a nice merlot or a BMW…. I have my manners, after all)

As the big day approaches I find myself more and more grateful, for less and less. I guess with age really does come wisdom. This Christmas I am grateful to spend time with family and friends, even under the tight restrictions of Covid. We will Zoom, or text, or talk on the phone, or Facetime,,,,the how doesn’t matter. (truth told you were getting on my nerves anyway, so maybe a little distance is a good thing)

And it doesn’t impede my over indulgence. I will still eat rich food (and since I can’t have you over I’ll eat yours) I’ll stuff myself full of chocolate and cookies, all washed down with a liberal serving of spirits. I will observe the holidays with hope and joy because I know if we do this right, now, I will once again know the joy of holding you in a big warm hug when we are together again…. and isn’t that the best Christmas gift ever?  

One thought on “The Best Christmas Gift Ever

  1. Well said. I too have been cutting down on possessions, not buying impulsively. And I too am waiting for the time when all friends will be able to meet.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy time.


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