My husband was away for 4 days this past week at a golf tournament which meant it was ‘my vacation’ from him, and that’s a good thing. I honestly believe all couples need time away from each other to appreciate what they have when they get back. It also gives each the opportunity to ‘vacation’ in their own way.

Day one I got up early and went for a walk (before the heat,,,,Jesus I hate summer….can you hear me swearing from where you are,,,,ok, I digress,,,, sorry) then I went to a yoga class (this is my therapy, aka golf,so please indulge me) When I got home, I changed the bed, cleaned the bathrooms, tossed in a load of laundry and washed my car. Satisfied I’d made good use of my morning, I went in for celebratory breakfast and coffee. It was 10:45 am. Ok, I’ve got some time to kill so after breakfast I weeded the garden, vacuumed, and watered my neighbours plants. (she’s away) After lunch I did some long overdue ironing (it’s 38 degrees celsius,,,,stupid, stupid, stupid!) and cleaned out my china cabinet. Thankfully by the time I was finished it was dinner time so I made a salad (because with my husband gone I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and that means NOT meat and potatoes everyday) I poured myself a generous glass of wine and sat outside to enjoy the evening breeze, then I did some of my puzzles, read bit, showered and went to bed satisfied I’d made good use of my vacation day.

My husband played a so-so round of golf (as he describes it) practiced his putting for a couple of hours, and went out for dinner with ‘the boys’, after which he’s crashing….. been a busy day.

Day two. I got up early and went for a walk. My daughter, who just had a baby, asked me to pick up some groceries, which I did, (Covid makes it soooo unpleasant, no browsing over the produce, just grab it and run so you can rip that mask off your face the minute you exit the store)  and after I delivered them I made us a lovely lunch. I came home and during my 30 seconds of relaxation I noticed there were a lot of weeds coming up between the stones of my walkway, so I bent over to pull a few out. Three and a half hours later, my bushel full and knees sore from kneeling on stone, I poured myself a nice drink and settled outside to enjoy the evening breeze, satisfied once again I’d made the most of my vacation day. I made a salad and watched a bit of TV,,,,feels weird to have control of the remote.

My husband had a better round today and is heading out with ‘the boys’ to a celebratory dinner…. It was hot today and he’s ‘really tired’ but happy he’d had a fulfilling day.

Day three… mine,,,, all mine. I had pre planned a road trip with a friend. I picked her up at 10 and we drove to a local valley where we shopped (as much as you could with Covid) and had a lovely lunch at a local winery. I found the cutest little mermaid dolls for my granddaughters, who’d be staying with me in the next couple of days, and bought them knowing they’d be thrilled with them. Ok, now THIS is a vacation day! (I think I’m starting to get this) After dropping my friend off I came home and cleaned out the garage, watered my neighbours plants (still away) and cleaned the bathrooms. After I showered I went to bed tired but satisfied I’d made the best of my time today but vowing I’d be more productive tomorrow. While I was in bed I sipped my herbal tea and watched the news, marveling in the fact that the remote, once again, was mine. ( I never knew we had all these channels?)

My husband had a great day of golf. After 18 holes he went to the range to practice, then headed out for dinner with the boys……he was wiped.

Day four. I got up early and went for a walk, then to my yoga class. After that I came home and prepped the house for the arrival of my 2 granddaughters,,,,,filled the little pool (to warm the water) changed the beds, and ran out to the store for their favourite foods. I stopped in to my neighbours house to water the plants, in case I couldn’t get over later, only to find they were still saturated from the watering the day before. (ok, I’m no green thumb….you ask me to water you plants and you’re taking your chances) I stopped by my daughters house to drop off a few things she’d asked for, and by early afternoon I was in my car and on my way to pick my girls up from daycare. After returning home, I gave them a snack, unpacked their things and headed out for some pool time during which I emailed my husband to say I’d found these neat little mermaid dolls for the girls and thought it would be fun if he gave them to the girls as a gift he’d found while away (chicks dig that kind of thoughtfulness…..even little chicks,,,,go figure)

My husband emailed to advise he was playing mid morning which meant he wouldn’t be home until just after dinner (so could I save some for him?) He was looking forward to coming home so he could relax? (Wow, what was he doing if not relaxing?)

By early evening, the girls were fed and bathed when my husband arrived from his four day golf outing and they were thrilled to get a ‘present from Papa’ (the mermaids) He handed me a bag of laundry and headed up to shower citing, it’d been a long day and even longer ride home. He really needed a drink. (Wow, too bad I drank it all)

I need a vacation.

My vacation


4 thoughts on “My ‘vacation’

  1. I’ve been waiting for another blog like this so I could have a good chuckle at your husbands expense!😀


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