We all know the egocentric, at least one, surely! That individual who struts like their ‘stuff’ is invaluable to mankind, and their opinion, on anything, is as good as Gods’ word. They do not appear to lack confidence. In fact, they hold themselves a cut above the rest of humanity because they are, after all, ‘special’. On one hand you have to feel a little sorry for them because it must be exhausting to keep up the façade of superiority; on the other you can’t help but admire their sheer gall.

I suppose it’s easy for someone famous to fall into the trap. After enough adoring fans tell you you’re fabulous, you start to believe it and before you know it you’ve catapulted yourself to super stardom and can do no wrong. How often do you see music concerts where the front rows boast any number of screaming women, sobbing, grabbing at anything they can to obtain that coveted souvenir?

I attended such a concert once for Il Divo; four middle aged, handsome men with beautiful voices, singing in harmony. Somehow we had managed to get floor seats, front and centre – we were so close you could almost touch them. It should’ve been a wonderful experience, but it wasn’t. Screaming fans making fools of themselves aside, (I had expected this) I was startled by the behaviour of the performers themselves. Being so close to the stage gave us a good sightline of their faces and I noticed they kept making eye contact with women in the audience, winking as they reached their arms out suggestively to everyone and no one. One in particular kept flexing his eyebrows provocatively at random fans, gazing into our eyes.

Every now and then they’d toss a scarf or towel from around their necks into the audience and smile smugly as women scrambled onto the floor like ants to get them. Ok, am I the only one that thinks this is excessive? I’m probably as big a fan of some performers as anybody and while I admire their talent I don’t need their attitude. In fact I find it insulting when they resort to such practices.

Lose the ego pal. Remember you’re only as good as your fans ‘see you’, and this fan (me) walked away disappointed because my love and adoration for your special talent was only superseded by your own love and adoration for yourself and that’s one cold bucket of ice in the face! I came to hear good music. Don’t resort to suggestive maneuvers and don’t throw your laundry at me. Oh, and you might want to have that eyebrow spasm thing looked at by a good surgeon.

Maybe that’s one price to be paid for fame. It can’t be easy for some to keep their ego in check with fans degrading themselves just to gain their attention. If devotees could keep their ‘accolades’ to a realistic level maybe those famous personalities would be a little more humble (and likeable).

Now big egos aren’t limited to those with fame. You see them every day, everywhere; in the workplace, at school, and without a ‘special talent’ you have to wonder what they base their superiority on. Even the performers I described above; take away their beautiful voices and they’re just, well,,,us!

I think we are all fabulous and we all have talent – maybe not the kind you can market for fame and profit, but an asset; something unique to you that is notable, and while I urge everyone to remain confident in their abilities, don’t lose sight of reality (your limitations), i.e., don’t let it change who you are. There’s a fine line between confidence and conceit – don’t cross it, because the weight of carrying a big ego is exhausting to maintain and comes with a high price to your ‘fan’ base.


3 thoughts on “Ego

  1. A 100 likes for this post! Going through the first para I was like, she’s written about the Miss Huge Ego/ Mouth that I suffer. 😉 A little relieved and a little sad that there are many more people like Her


  2. Interesting. Am listening to an audio-book right now by a Psychiatrist who talks about ego…how we need some ego…but if we do not regulate it, it can impair our ability to accept and to surrender when we have to.


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