Taste is a very personal thing. We all ‘see’ things differently and are entitled to our opinions and preferences, popular or not.  For example,

I don’t think pigs are pretty. (and I think anyone who tells you piglets are cute is lying or blind) They’re homely as babies and downright ugly in adulthood but if you can get past appearances (and I have)………..they’re delicious!  Roasted , bbq’ed, smoked; there’s nothing you can do to a pig that isn’t tasty!

Mexican food.  Many find it delicious and maybe it is, but I can’t get past the appearance to find out. What is commonly described as ‘refried’ looks more like ‘pre-chewed’ to me, and the various piles of quacamole type food is reminiscent of the stuff I cleaned off my babies bottoms after they’d started on solid foods  (I’d rather eat the ugly pig) Appearance matters.

Shopping with a friend recently, she held up a blouse and exclaimed, “isn’t this gorgeous?” I thought it was hideous but clearly our tastes differ so I smiled and said “that would look great on you” (I figured that was the least offensive way to give her support without compromising my honesty) She bought the blouse, poor misguided sole.

My taste in music, while varied, does not include Jazz or the Blues. I find Jazz totally tuneless. It’s like each member of the ensemble is playing from a different sheet of music. You can’t hum or sing along and the rhythm is so irregular you’d be hard pressed to tap along. The Blues always bring to mind an over-aged, haggard female crying into her vermouth in a smokey saloon and crooning “why’dya leave me Billie?”  But that’s my personal taste – I realize there are countless music lovers who’d challenge me on this and I’m ok with that – just don’t take me to a Jazzfest.

I have a taste for red wine but not Shiraz because I find it to be a little too ‘Portlike’ for me.  (although I have been able to force it down in a pinch)

I also have a taste for various cheeses but a preference for those that do not, how can I put this delicately,……emit an unhealthy aroma. (I hate stinky cheese and I firmly believe if it stinks it should be cleaned or  tossed, not ingested)

Every now and then we come across someone who makes it their mission to change our view on something. The guy who argues up and down that you have to see things his way, because it’s the only way, and they will hound you until you agree. (or leave, and often that’s the only way for you to escape) The last time I encountered such an individual I happened to mention that I am not a fan of vacations that in any way involve a trailer. (As far as I’m concerned it’s just a kitchen on wheels and I’d rather be hit by a trailer than travel in one.) That’s my personal taste and I respect that you love that lifestyle, it’s just not for me.

So while you, in your ‘kitchen on wheels’, take in the sites from the open road, I’m comfortably sipping my wine at a pig roast with my friend (who’s wearing the ugly blouse, but I’ll never tell her) and I’m ok with that, after all,,,,, it’s not your fault you have no taste!



3 thoughts on “Taste, it’s a personal thing, and that’s ok

  1. I agree entirely about re-fried beans & guacamole in terms of appearance, Em. However, given that I eat anything (per you among others…), I manage to close my eyes to how it looks and gobble it down anyway. We’ve discussed ‘kitchen on wheels’ many times – you’ve got to try it first, not just the trailer but the lifestyle, imho. I tend to have similar views on jazz, or at least the kind that CBC music radio hosts appear to love – atonal noise without a plan/purpose. However, the original jazz from N’orleans is something different – I spent a few hours in “Preservation (Conservation?) Hall” listening to the real thing many years ago and that was great.


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