Why do women shave, and when did the custom start anyway? Men don’t shave, other than their face/heads. Why is it acceptable to see hairy armpits on a man and not on a woman? Hairy legs? Are they ‘prettier’ on a man? I don’t think so. Many European societies accept, in fact, embrace hairy women, so why in North American society are we besieged with commercials about razors and electrolysis, all striving for that smooth, hairless look?

Raised in Canada, I am one of the ‘hairless’ because that’s what was dictated to me. And while I can’t say I aspire to my hairy counterparts in Europe, I have to admit I admire them for having the sheer audacity to appear in public with body hair.

I suppose it has its’ advantages. Closer to the north, European climates are colder so warmer clothing is required. Maybe leg hair is natures’ way of providing warmth in lieu of leotards. Or maybe it’s a marketing strategy. Long leg hair provides a multitude of design opportunities for ‘leg barrettes’ and various hair dye colours for the “psychedelic” out there. Surely dyeing your leg hair would be safer than injecting a dye into your skin for a tattoo? (Wait, that opens up the whole concept of  body hair fashion ….and doesn’t that give the title ‘hair dressers’ a whole new meaning?……sure glad I’m not in hair dressing)

Women spend thousands in electrolysis, waxing, sugaring, and just plain shaving, to get that ‘hairless’ look, and why? We were born like this, and we don’t expect it of our men. In fact, a hairy man is a sign of virility (Ok, I’ve never understood that, but I wouldn’t expect them to shave to the extent they demand of us either) Why then, is society not accepting of hairy women?  (every man should have one,,,, a hairy woman that is)

I suppose at the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference for most, and economics for some (the ongoing maintenance of hair removal is expensive) and until research has progressed to the point where they can effectively transplant leg hair to bald spots on the head, we’re going to have to accept the growth of hair where we don’t want it.

By the way, I happened to mention (ok, complain) about hair growth to my doctor recently and she said. “hair continues to grow in a ‘healthy’ body. When hair growth stops, the body is struggling (ill) and/or preparing for to shut down”. That shut me up! So if hair growth is a sign of good health, ‘Cousin It’ from the Adams Family must’ve been popping steroids!

Here’s to a long, healthy and hairy life!

Hairy legs

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