Life is full them. Some are simple and routine, others life changing, and sometimes we make good choices, sometimes not so good. Regardless of the relevance of the situation at the end of the day we have control over our choices and it is our own conscience we are answerable to. For example:

1) Oatmeal for breakfast, or that chocolate croissant? One is low fat, loaded with nutrients and just plain good for you. The other is high in fat and lethal in caloric content but totally decadent. What to do…..

2) A single woman makes the choice to have a family, on her own; not an easy decision for anyone but it was a well thought out and a very deliberate decision. When the first attempt at pregnancy was successful she called her closest friends to share her happy news. While most admired her confidence and courage, and shared in her joy, a close ‘friend’ berated her for shamefully breaking with convention and questioned her moral values. Heartbroken but determined to live her life her way, the single woman went on to have her child and is not only managing a prestigious career, but raising a beautiful, well adjusted, son. (In fact, she’s doing a better job on her own than many married parents I know). How does the ‘friend’ feel now. She had a choice. Accept that her friend was an adult and capable of making rational decisions and be happy for her, or give her a sound tongue-lashing outlining all the mistakes she perceived her as making. She made the choice and it cost her a friendship. Good choice?

3) Lie on the couch all day watching the entire series of Star Wars or take a hike through nature. One will relieve stress, clear your head and nurture your soul, the other will cultivate a civilization of cellulite on your ass. Mmmm, what to do….

4) In another scenario, a woman engages in a private correspondence with a married man. (bet this happens all the time) It was quite innocent but as inevitably expected (because a man and a woman can never have a platonic friendship – someone ALWAYS reads more into it) the ‘relationship’ innocent as it was, was exposed, threatening the marriage and jeopardizing several friendships. The woman had a choice at this point. Own up to her role in the situation; ie come clean, or feign innocence and run. In this case she chose to run because it was easier than admitting to the indiscretion and she cut all ties in an attempt to protect her squeaky clean reputation. She made a conscious choice and it cost her, dearly. Good choice?

5) You’re at a shoe store (my kind of heaven) and you see the perfect pump, your size, last pair and on clearance. You grab the shoe, slip it on, and sigh…it’s perfect! After waiting several minutes for the sales clerk to retrieve the mate she comes out to apologetically advise she can’t find it anywhere and this is the last pair in all 3 stores. Shortly after the other clerk comes to a woman sitting on the other end of your bench and you overhear her saying she’s sorry, but can’t find the mate. Yup, it’s the mate to your dream shoe. All 4 pairs of eyes meet. You have a choice. Insist you were here first and demand the other shoe (I warn you, you’d have to knock me unconscious to get it off my foot) or graciously offer your shoe to the other shopper. (bet that bitch would take it too) Remember, you have to live with the choice you make.

6) A manager takes full advantage of his staff, using their labour, skill, and trust, to selfishly build his own reputation. Once that has been secured he carelessly casts the employees aside, because they are no longer needed; their purpose to him has been served, and that’s all that matters. This manager had choices. Show gratitude and respect to encourage good morale and employee loyalty, or keep stomping up that corporate ladder oblivious to the carcasses left in his wake. It always seems that those making the latter choice here walk away unscathed, but not so. Life evens the score  –  it’s called Karma.

All 6 cases offer an opportunity to show the world (and you) what you’re really made of and if you make the right choice life will be sweeter, guaranteed. Consider the choices above and act with a clear conscience.

  • Eat the oatmeal (most of the time) Have the croissant on Sundays
  • If you have nothing good to say, shut up, even if you have to bite your tongue. You’ll feel better for not having offended a friend.
  • Save the couch for rainy days. Get out and enjoy nature and fresh air cause eventually you’ll be underground permanently and won’t have the option.
  • Take responsibility for your actions, ALWAYS. You’ll sleep better and people will respect you for your honesty.
  • Take the high road (those shoes will probably give her blisters anyway)
  • Be kind to family, friends, colleagues and strangers, because karma matters. This is my mantra.

Making the right choice isn’t always easy, (there are often bitter pills to swallow) but making the conscious choice to do something good for yourself, others, and the world, is. Take that road and you will greet each day with a happy heart, and each night with sound sleep.












2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Choices that I make revolve around the mantra of: Pay it Forward, ( btw I love that movie too) it is always better to give than get, especially after 40! ( we have way too much in our older lives) I agree with all your choices, I would hope most folks would! What type of person wouldn’t but your story points out exactly those who would make the different decisions. Keep writing, making those good choices.


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