I looooove to shop! For anything, especially shoes! (ok, and purses) As far as I’m concerned a woman never has enough shoes (and purses), and all closets should be expandable.

Sadly, my husband doesn’t see things quite the same way when it comes to shopping. He hates it (because it means spending money and he hates that more than anything) and goes to great lengths to avoid it. On the rare occasion when he has no choice and we have to shop for something he plans it very strategically. Find a parking spot closest to the store we need, run in, find only what you came to look for (if they don’t have it leave immediately) and buy it. Proceed immediately to the nearest exit, beeline for your car and go straight home. No window shopping, cause God forbid you should find something else to buy. No coffee or lunch cause you can get it at home for free and eating out might give you time to glance around at other shops.

Several years ago I visited the Macey’s store in New York and came upon their ‘shoe floor’ – a whole floor for only shoes.  I felt like I’d returned to my mother ship. My heart was light and the air felt fresher as I gaily strolled the aisles fantasizing about buying all of them. I was in heaven and I knew that for my husband, this would be hell.

My husband has had the same 3 pairs of shoes for over 15 years. Every so often, usually when they leak, he takes them to a local cobbler and has them resoled for about $30.00. It would never occur to him to buy new shoes “when these are perfectly fine….they’ll last another 10 years”.

I, on the other hand, see it as my responsibility to contribute to our economy. I’d like to think I am providing employment to wannabe shoemakers all over the world. (I simply couldn’t live with myself knowing there could be shoemakers children going without because their father couldn’t sell any shoes). I’m nothing if not compassionate.

I also enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I need to feel the material, try it on, mull over where or how I would use it. It rocks my world. What I don’t like however, is todays’ sales strategy. The minute you enter a store now you’re swarmed by no less than 3 people offering to help you find what you want. They have walkie-talkies hooked onto their backsides through which they maintain regular contact with eachother “the old lady in aisle 3 doesn’t want our help …keep an eye on her” and “I’m going on a smoke break, if the blonde with the Guess handbag makes a purchase it’s my commission”. Do they not get the concept of window shopping? Gimme space to browse and maybe I’ll buy something. Smother me the minute I walk in and you’re guaranteed no sale.

Ok, so occasionally maybe I go a little overboard (I have been known to buy several pairs of shoes at one time) and it got to the point where I’d have to sneak my purchases into the house otherwise I’m afraid  the next days headline would read “Housewife beaten to death with her own shoe by irate husband”.

I know for a fact that I am not alone. Most women I know have a shopping thing whether it be shoes, clothes, furniture, whatever – we just love stuff. Every now and then I’ll meet one that doesn’t share a passion for shopping and I feel sorry for them. They have to be missing a chromosome or something – it’s just not normal. (are there any support groups to help these poor hapless soles?……get it? Souls….soles…shoe soles? I kill me!)

Everyone needs a hobby and shopping is mine, and until something more interesting comes along I feel compelled to continue to support our economy in the only way I know how. (I will also continue to hide it so as not to cause my husband unnecessary angst) In the interim you might want to invest heavily is the stock of Softmoc, Shoe Company and Town Shoes cause I feel a spree coming on……




2 thoughts on “Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

  1. emily: while i don’t choose to support the economy in that ‘fashion’, i did laugh out loud more than once. joan


  2. I’m with you for shoe shopping but it better be quick! I’ll wait for you at the coffee shop! 👠☕️


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