Why is there a battle of the genders? What does it matter what ones’ sexual orientation and/or preference is. If ‘Bruce’ is happier as ‘Caitlin’, and ‘Chastity’ happier as ‘Chas’ who are we to judge, and why do we care? How do people with a non-traditional sexual orientation negatively impact our lives? Society as a whole? We were all put on this earth to fulfill our own destiny – that doesn’t include judgement.  So why do we continue to persecute those who are different, simply because they are not mirror images of ourselves? I don’t get it. Don’t we have enough personal challenges to fill a lifetime agenda without taking up battle for causes that are none of our business?

I believe we are all eternal souls of neutral gender, and having lived many lives in various ‘bodies’, both male and female, is it reasonable to think perhaps some return to this plane as either or, with an option to select their preferred gender?

At various times in my life I wished to be born male; not for sexual preference, but because they seem to get all the breaks. Mothers baby their boys and fathers put them on pedestals because they ‘carry on the family name’. Daughters provide a free labour force, helping to clean house, cook and ‘learn how to be a good wife’. Fifty years ago that was all that was expected of us; now we’re required to contribute to the household income IN ADDITION to maintaining the home and family so in my next life I want to be a male – I need the rest.

While each generation improves upon these conditions; men sharing paternity leave, cooking and household tasks, it is by no means equal, not yet, and it won’t be as long as women continue to manage their increased workload. If we would sit back and complain a little more, perhaps they’d cut us some slack, or at least pick up more of it. Until then we are destined to carry more than our fair share, simply because we can. Sadly, capability and competency have become our curse. On the up side, it has made us stronger. We live longer and cope better in a crisis. (ok, I digress, again…..but I am a woman and if I didn’t bitch, I’d explode))

Is it reasonable then to think there could be many out there who feel better suited to life as their opposite sex? I know a number of women who would prefer to have a career over a family. They want children but not if it means giving up their professional identity, hence the recent influx of ‘Mr Moms’ in society. With male cooperation women can now have it all, and many men are enjoying their newfound status as primary caregiver to the children. Women aren’t the only ones to be loving and nurturing, much to the benefit of all families.

So if men and women can be equally good partners and parents, what difference does it make if their partner is or isn’t the same sex? As long as we provide a positive and loving environment to our partners and children, haven’t we fulfilled our destiny as human beings?

And if one of these beings felt more comfortable in the role opposite to that to which they were physically born, are they not entitled to make the changes or choices they deem necessary to fulfill their destiny?

At the end of the day, we are all entitled to happiness, in whatever form it takes, and I for one am delighted to be a woman in love with a man, and luckily for me society is accepting of that. If your happiness comes from a same sex relationship, a sex change, or even the choice of no relationship, I wish you a lifetime of peace and fulfillment. Let anyone who challenges you look themselves in the eye and ask ‘who made you God?’



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3 thoughts on “The Gender Battle

  1. Fantastic Emily! I have many friends and some family members who live in gay relationships and I feel blessed to have all of them in my life. They have taught me so much about the challenges they face everyday, from those who are not accepting of their lifestyle. It is my responsibility to have a voice for those who are persecuted and extend a warm hand when needed. Thanks for speaking loudly about this important topic.


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