Beware of those who walk their dog at dusk. There’s a reason. These are anti-poop people. With an aversion to handling poop (it’s not like it’s their own) and a feeling of superiority (I don’t pick up #$&!) they purposely walk their dogs when they can’t be seen so as to avoid having to pick up after their pet then low and behold, the next morning you have a nice fresh pile adorning your front lawn, one they’re quick to deny “That’s not my dogs poop – he couldn’t possibly expel something of that size!”

You know there is a positive side to being poop conscious. We kept a garbage bin at the side of our house just for dog poop and in all the 15 years of his life our garbage was never once ransacked by racoons or bears. Kept all the neighbourhood kids away too

Now I’m willing to acknowledge that it’s not always easy. If you’re not within range of a streetlight you have to grope around in the dark to find the ‘warmth’, and if it’s really soft, it’s hard to pick up. My (late) dog  used to search out the most inaccessible places, seemingly taking great delight in my having to climb into ditches or crawl over brush. He would also poop a minimum of 4-5 times each day. (eats 3 meals a day and %#%@ 5, go figure) His favourite routine was to make his deposit on the very top of a snow bank and then stand by while I scaled the slippery ice. I know I heard him chuckle more than once.

The pet population is bigger than ever, many households having multiple pets so we’re lucky that now it’s easier than ever to clean up after your pet. They make bags just the right size (some are scented with pretty pictures but I wouldn’t recommend sniffing them) AND they’re biodegradable now, so no excuses. Stick your hand in the bag, pick up the poop, and turn the bag back out and tie it up. It’s not like you have to touch it. You can even swing it jauntily in rhythm to your walk as you continue on your way.

As an alternative, I’ve seen some people carry little scoops to do the job although I’m not sure how that works. What do you do when you ‘scoop’ it up, fling it over your shoulder for good luck? (actually, my grandmother always told me that if you dream of poop, it meant forthcoming prosperity so share the wealth with friends and neighbours – fling the poop at their house, especially the ones who walk their dogs at dusk, then smile and wave, or run like hell)



2 thoughts on “Poop n Scoop, who’s doing it, who’s not?

  1. We were just talking about this last night! Snow seems to make people worse about picking up. Come on people!!!


  2. As the owner of two fur babies, this is a huge pet peeve! What are people thinking? It’s just irresponsible and that’s that. I totally believe in Karma and I see them scraping poop from their treads coming their way. Lol


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